We help Femtech founders build brands that get taken seriously


Because women deserve to be seen, heard and shine


Leveraging my skills as an award-winning brand designer and strategist with 15+ years of experience


We specialize in building brands that stand out from the crowd by combining creativity and strategy

To Sell is Human, to Brand is Divine


STEP 1: Brand Strategy

Let us help you grow your brand from where you are today to where you want to be — to attract customers, impress investors and build a team.

We believe that a brand has to be built from the heart. Our framework starts with finding your why and understanding your customers. From there, we identify and fill your brand gaps to get you where you want to be — a beloved brand!

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STEP 2: Identity DesigN

Brand identity is the second step in building your brand. We help you translate ideas into a tangible visual language – logo, colors, typography, identity guidelines.

This is the part that I love. After all, I’m a designer. We help you turn your purpose and your passion into visuals that communicate the heart and soul of your company to your team, your customers, and your investors.

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STEP 3: TouchpointsTranscending

It doesn’t end there. To transcend, all aspects of your company need to be infused with your heart and soul, including your product, marketing, culture, and beyond.

You and your team should be able to take our brand strategy and run with it. But if you believe an outside perspective will help you deliver at a higher level, my team and I are happy to help truly transcend your Brand.

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