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Minority voices often find themselves marginalized, not from a scarcity of narratives but due to an unequal distribution of platforms that fail to showcase the breadth of diverse perspectives. This is particularly evident among women and the younger cohorts, such as millennials and Gen Z of varied backgrounds. However, this story is being rewritten by the advent of innovative platforms like watch.

Established in 2022, watch transcends being a mere media company—it's a content revolution that speaks directly to women and diverse younger generations.

The mission of watch is twofold: to amplify and empower the voices of underserved diverse women and zillenials, and to provide a platform for authentic and inspiring premium content. watch is at the forefront of transforming the media representation landscape.

For Us, By Us

We envision a future that fundamentally redefines the representation and celebration of diverse voices. watch stands as a testament to content created “for us, by us”, solidifying its role as the heartbeat of the culture it reflects.

The logo of watch manifests this ethos—the “w” is a fusion of movement, digital fluidity, and growth potential. It represents more than a brand; it is a declaration of watch’s commitment to cultivating a media realm where every voice has the opportunity to resonate worldwide.