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In the fast-paced world of life sciences, Saama was experiencing difficulties in maintaining brand consistency as they grew. Their brand elements lacked flexibility and felt out of date, making it challenging to communicate their mission effectively.

We stepped in to help Saama redefine their brand elements and create a new design system, designed to upgrade their brand and optimize their marketing efforts.

With this upgrade, Saama is now poised to effectively communicate its commitment to driving efficiency in delivering therapies to patients using innovative AI/ML technologies.

Simplifying Complexity

The new design system is modern and mirrors Saama’s mission to alleviate complex problems for customers. The rounded corner element is not only unique but also easy to implement, ensuring it can be seamlessly incorporated across all types of materials.

The addition of a horizontal line aids in organizing complex information, making it easier to digest.

This fresh, streamlined design is a true reflection of Saama’s commitment to simplifying complex problems in life science solutions..