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Syndesi Health

Women’s health is often overlooked, not receiving the attention it deserves, leading to gender disparities and inequalities in our society. However, this landscape is evolving, especially with the rapid growth of Femtech in recent years.

Syndesi Health is at the forefront of this transformation. As a strategic consultancy, we work with payers, Femtech founders, and Investors to facilitate the inception, funding, scaling, integration, and go-to-market strategies of innovative businesses in the burgeoning Femtech sector.

Sydnesi Health envisions a world where Femtech revolutionizes the way society addresses women’s health issues, not just bridging gender health gaps but also unlocking untapped opportunities.

Balance through Connection

The Syndesi logo embodies the essence of its mission — fostering connections to bring balance. Derived from the Greek word σύνδεση (Syndesi), which means connection, the logo merges two sigma (σ) letters to symbolize action and continuity.

The logo perfectly encapsulates Syndesi Health’s commitment to linking the game-changers of the Femtech revolution, driving innovation in women’s healthcare towards a more equitable future.