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A staggering 20% of women in the US have considered giving up or given up their careers due to menopause symptoms.

Rebloom is on a mission to empower women 40+ to navigate menopause gracefully, without letting it hold them back from reaching their career goals. Rebloom helps manage those symptoms and provides support to keep women thriving in their careers, even during menopause.

With Rebloom, women can continue to bloom in their careers and live their best lives.

Tea for the Trailblazer!

The name “Savana” is feminine yet reminiscent of the word “savanna”, conveying the idea of openness, freedom, and the courage to explore new things.

The brand identity is inspired by art deco style, which reflects Savana’s bold and adventurous attitude. The use of 3D frames in the brand elements serves as a visual representation of the Savana’s mission to be a window for women to explore both the world and themselves.