The Secret to Pitching Your Femtech Products

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Femtech Round Table Spotlight

The Secret to Pitching Your Femtech Products

with Frances Tang, Founder and CEO, Awkward Essentials


Post-sex BFF: After-sex dripstick

A medical-grade sponge made to absorb excess fluid in the vaginal canal after sex.

Founder Story

Frances was frustrated with the mess after sex — ninja rolls off the bed and penguin walks to the bathroom were not fun.

Inspired by the love for baking, Frances invented the dripstick.

But her products weren’t well-received by investors because she was too focused on facts and statistics.

So, it evolved into a personal story with a little bit of humor to relate to investors & customers.

That’s when things turned around — $2.3 million in funding to date!

Fun Fact

Her famous Twinkie demo is funny, to-the-point, and so bootstrapped!

Check it out at

Secrets to Pitching

  • Do your research (with PitchBook)
  • Build a list of investors who have invested in similar products, similar areas of interest, and similar personas
  • Pitch to investors because they are a good fit!
  • Use personal stories to relate and build trust
  • Make your products easy to understand

More Tips to Other Femtech Founders

  • Hire the right people to do things that you don’t know or are not good at
  • There are always growing pains; embrace it and enjoy the journey
  • Go for it! Women are uniquely positioned to understand and solve our problems

Next Step for Frances

  1. To be the leader in the crotch care industry (awkward~)
  2. A new product is coming out Winter 2021

How can We Help Her?

  1. Sign up for product release at
  2. Follow them on TikTok @awkwardessentials

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