Stop sending boring decks to your investors

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Boring pitch decks can kill! While I’m no investor, I’ve seen enough of my clients’ pitch decks to begin to understand what VCs experience. Visual design is important, but I am especially fond of those that tell a story.

How about you? What are some compelling pitch stories you’ve heard?

An investor spends an average of 3 mins 22 sec. on your pitch deck

That’s 17 sec per slide

How to increase your chances?

Use stories!

Stories are 22x times more memorable than facts

But how? I’ll tell you…

Use these 4 types of stories throughout your deck:

1. Origin story

2. Customer story

3. Industry story

4. Venture Growth story

— Evan Baehr & Evan Loomis, “Get Backed”

1. Origin story

Great for mission-driven startups

  • What’s the founder story?
  • Is there a reason you are building this startup?

Use it as an opening or in the “Team” slide

2. Customer story

If your products/services are complex

  • How did your customer transform because of your product?
  • Formula: Problem + Try out + Success

Use it in the “Problem” or “Solution” slides

3. Industry story

If your products/services are disruptive

  • What are the status quo in your industry?
  • Why are these assumptions no longer hold true?
  • What new opportunities did you discover?

Use it in the “Opportunity” slide

4. Venture Growth story

If you gained significant traction in short period of time

  • What happened since you started your business?
  • How did you grow from zero to the first 100 or 1,000 customers?

Use it in the “Traction”, “Competition”, “Business Model”, “Financials” or “Ask” slides

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