My Guide to Break into Femtech

My Guide to Break into Femtech

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Femtech is all about creating a positive impact on women’s health, and it’s full of passionate people doing just that.

I’ve found it to be a welcoming community, quite different from anywhere else I've worked.

It’s been three years of meeting amazing folks, from startup founders to investors to students and service providers.

As more people ask about getting into femtech, here’s my straightforward advice:

1. Build Your Brand

Why It’s Key:

Everyone needs to trust who they're working with, no matter the industry.

Your personal brand shows off what you know, what you stand for, and what makes you different.

How I Do It:

  • Pick Your Platform: I use LinkedIn to share my thoughts and connect with others.
  • Be Consistent: Keep sharing your knowledge and insights, don’t forget to mix in a bit of your personality.

Quick Tip: Plan your posts ahead. Regular sharing builds a following.

2. Make Connections

Why It’s Key:

The right connections can open up so many doors for collaborations and opportunities you might not find on your own.

How I Do It:

  • Get Out There: I go to events, join forums, attend webinars, and chat with people who engage with me on social media.
  • Be Real: I try to really get to know people and see how I can help them out.

Quick Tip: I keep in touch with people I meet, this will help turning coffee chats into lasting relationships.

3. Collaborate With Others

Why It’s Key:

Teaming up with others helps spread your ideas further and faster, mixing different skills and views for better results.

How I Do It:

  • Find the Right Fit: I look for people and projects that match my values and goals.
  • Give and Take: I've done things like hosting live chats, online events and sharing partners’ resources to my followers. It's about helping each other out.

Quick Tip: Sharing is caring. The more you support your partners and followers, the more everyone benefits.

Where to Start?

Connecting with people who think like you and finding ways to work together is important. Here’s where I started:

I hope you find these tips helpful! If you’re passionate about femtech but unsure where to begin, feel free to email me, I’m here to help.

Also, if you’re looking to build a personal brand but aren’t sure how, I’m currently developing a course on this very topic. Email me if you’re interested in learning more.

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