Femtech Summit Takeaways

Femtech Summit Takeaways

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Femtech Summit was an inspiring and eye-opening event. Brittany Barreto, co-founder of Femtech Focus, presented some really valuable research data on the industry. What’s the biggest takeaway for you?

1. Femtech Market Size

Today’s market: $713 Billion

By 2026: $1 Trillion

Historically quoted: $50 Billion by 2025

Femtech is not a NICHE!

2. Femtech Exits

47 exits in the past 20 years

Average exit value: $408 Million

Other tech companies: $240 Million

3. Popular Areas

1. Menstruation

2. Fertility

3. Maternal Health

4. Sexual Wellness

4. Opportunities & Innovation needed

1. Abortion

2. Cardiovascular

3. Ovarian Health

5. What makes a successful Femtech startup?

1. Community

2. Education

3. Product

6. What does Femtech need?


Break down the taboo and bring education to the general public


Have more women investors invest in Femtech because we know what we need


Advocate policy change in governmental and private sectors


Include more womxn in research

7. My 1 takeaway

Let’s make women’s health innovation everyone’s business because it is!


Source: Femtech Focus, Frost & Sullivan, Crunchbase

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