Applying Empathy in Business Leads to Profit

Applying Empathy in Business Leads to Profit

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Writing content is harder than I thought. I never truly realize it until I'm doing it myself. Now I have deeper appreciation for those who show up consistently. That also got me thinking about empathy for brands.

Empathy in Personal Life

I finally understood how hard my mom worked when I became a mother. I finally understood my daughter when I remembered being a 12 year-old girl. Empathy helps me understand and respect others. This creates trust. And rust builds relationships.

Empathy in Business

In the same way, this is what branding does.

  1. Branding helps a company to look at the world from their customer's perspective (empathy)
  2. This build trust and strengthens the relationship
  3. Strong relationships lead to profits

Branding → Empathy → Trust → Relationships → Profits

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