Don’t Let Our Period Hold Us Back!

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“Why are you so emotional? Are you on your period?” Have you felt ashamed or been made fun of because of your period? We call this period shaming.

“23% of US students have struggled to afford menstrual products.” Have you had to choose between menstrual products and food/clothes? We call this period poverty.  

Give me a “Yes” if you want to change this.

Let’s educate ourselves, make small changes, and support organizations improving our reality.

58% of women have felt a sense of embarrassment simply because they were on their period…

51% of men believe it’s inappropriate for women to openly mention their menstrual cycles in the workplace…

THINX, 2018

23% of teenage students have had to choose between buying menstrual products and food/clothing…


500 millions women and girls globally don’t have what they need to manage their periods!

The Word Bank, 2018

How can we change that?

Normalize menstruation! Here’s how…

  1. Discuss menstruation openly, without shame
  2. Create period-friendly workplaces and schools
  3. Provide affordable and free menstrual products

1. Discuss menstruation openly, without shame

  • Stop using code for period
  • Engage in open and direct communication with your friends, partners, and colleagues

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L. — Product & Advocacy

THINX — Product & Education

Clue — Product & Education

2. Create period-friendly workplaces and schools

  • Encourage policies that ensure all women and girls have access to menstrual products
  • Promote menstrual education policies

Learn more: — Advocacy

PERIOD — Education & Advocacy

3. Provide affordable and free menstrual products

  • Rally against the tampon tax
  • Make menstrual products freely accessible in schools, workplaces, and correctional facilities

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Days for Girls International — Education & Advocacy

Here for Her — Education & Advocacy — Advocacy

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