Branding Tips from Femtech Founder

Branding Tips from Femtech Founder

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Femtech Round Table Spotlight

Branding Tips from Femtech Founder

with Danika Kelly, Co-founder & CEO, My Normative


My Normative App

The world’s first health tracking app with a female-focused lens. It helps you track and understand how your hormones impact your activity levels, sleep quality, and more — beyond reproductive health.

Founder Story

It all started with the “52 Project” — Danika and her co-founder, Renee, reviewed an app each week for 52 weeks. They discovered that there was nothing for women and their unique needs.

Knowing that the impact of female physiology on health is largely ignored or dismissed, they developed My Normative.

Danika and Renee want to leverage this proprietary app and data to develop tools and algorithms to help health innovators incorporate women into clinical trials.

“Renee and I specialized in women’s health in grad school. We couldn’t find any data sets that actually measured female persons. It didn’t exist.”

Fun Stats

My Normative App took 8 months to build.

It was launched on March 8, 2021, National Women’s Day.

Since launching, they have had 400+ users in 5 months-time.

Branding Tips from Danika

  1. Find your why
  2. Stay true to your purpose
  3. Communicate it through concrete messaging
  4. Get user feedback and constantly improve the user experience

More Tips to Femtech Founders

  • Be brave! Building a company is challenging; if you lack courage, find people who can help you to be your bravest
  • Learn to prioritize
  • Your product doesn’t have to be perfect; instead, get user feedback as early as possible

Next Step for Danika

My Normative App 2.0 will be launching on September 1, 2021

How can We Help?

  1. Download the app, use it and give them feedback
  2. Follow them on Instagram @my.normative

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