Brand vs Branding. What's the difference?

Brand vs Branding. What's the difference?

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There are so many confusing and misused terms in branding. So, I think it’s important we start by clearly understanding these basics concepts.


A brand is a customer’s perception of a product, service, or company. [Marty Meumeier, "Brand A to Z"] It exists in the mind of the customers. It’s not what you think you are. It's what the customers think you are.

Brand = Reputation


It’s a set of activities that shape the customer’s perception of your brand (aka reputation).

  • The activities involve the creation of your products or services
  • The way you treat your customers, investors, suppliers, and employees
  • The environment where you conduct your business
  • Your visual and written communications

Branding = Products/Services + Sales + Operations + Culture + Customer Experience + Design (all the activities that build a reputation)


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