A Brief History of Branding

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It’s interesting to see how branding has evolved. Many still think it’s limited to marketing. However, those who successfully leverage branding know it extends to product, culture, and beyond. I believe branding teams, lead by a CBO, will evolve in companies as growth teams have.

Since 2700 BCE

Branding Livestock to Claim Ownership

Ancient Egyptians branded their cattle to prevent thefts dated back to 2,700 BCE.

Branding was Adopted  by Traders

Makers of pottery, ceramics and other products from Africa, Asia and Europe put marks on their products. They were used to inform about the identify of the makers and the product quality.

1700s to 1800s

Packaging as branding

Industrialization originated packaging design to build trust in consumers’ mind. In the mind of consumers.


Connecting with Consumers with Research

Brands started to develop relationship with their consumers using research. They build products with personality based on their research findings.


The Role of Branding Expands

At the beginning, branding was merely marks. Over time, branding was more about packaging and messaging. Today, branding is ALL the things that can shape the customer's perception of a brand.

Yesterday’s branding = Marketing + Design

Today’s branding = Products/Services + Sales + Operations + Culture + Customer Experience + Marketing + Design

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