Do you need brand strategy and design help, but don’t have the budget?

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I’m currently taking applications and will select two clients, as case studies for my new brand strategy and design studio.


I’ve been working as a publication and infographic designer for financial and economic institutions overt he past 10years. During this time, I’ve also launched my own businesses, studied entrepreneurship, and helped other startups launch their ventures.

I’ve discovered a passion for startups, and now I want to pivot into this space. My intention is to offer two startups a steeply discounted brand strategy + design package, in exchange for their permission to use their companies as case studies.


I intend to offer two femtech startups:

Brand strategy – I’ll help you create a roadmap to build your brand. When we’re done, you’ll receive a brand bible MORE INFO

Identity design – I’ll develop your visual identity, including logo, color palette, type system, comprehensive logo guidelines, and more. MORE INFO  


Any femtech startup that believes branding is vitally important to your company’s growth. Seed-funded startups are the most ideal prospective clients for me. I want to help you build your brand from the ground up.    

If you’re the kind of person who roots for underdogs and enjoys the chance to share your branding journey with others, fill out the form below.



Why would you do it so cheaply? Does that mean the quality will be compromised? 

I’ve never been able to compromise on quality, which is why I’m charging a nominal fee. This makes you a paying client and demands my full and undivided attention.

I also like the idea of giving a leg up to others who are doing great work but don’t necessarily have the budget to invest in branding.

What’s the catch?

The catch is, I’m new to the femtech space and I want to have some case studies under my belt, to prove my value. By participating, you’re allowing me to showcase your project on my website and social media pages. Maybe a testimonial or a referral, if you like my work.

What kind of experience do you have?

I’ve been a graphic designer for the last 17 years. Over the years I’ve built a team of designers and writers who share my passion for quality work. My focus has been on publication and infographic design, but I also have experience branding for multinational corporations and premiere government events. My clients trust me, and many have become good friends. Frankly, branding wasn’t my core competency, but it is now. If you take this leap of faith, I promise to go the extra mile for you. It’s this commitment that’s resulted in the many long term professional and personal relationships I’ve built with my clients over the years.

What will you share with your audience? What if I have something I really don’t want to be shared?

I may share behind-the-scenes photos and some takeaways from our conversations and workshops.I’ll make sure you are okay with what I share ahead of time. I won’t share sensitive information.

What exactly do I get?

You will receive a “Brand Bible” clearly documenting your brand strategy:
1.   Your company’s purpose and vision
2.   Brand attributes
3.   Brand onlyness
4.   Brand messaging
5.   Your target customer profile and their journey
6.   Your business goals
7.   Roadmap & recommendations to achieve your goals
8.   Visual references of your brand and customers 

For identity design, you will receive the following:
1.   Logo (logomark, word mark, combination of both)
2.   Primary and secondary color palette
3.   Type system recommendations
4.   Brand application examples
5.   Collateral (business card, letterhead, envelope, email signature, email template—up to 3 items)
6.   Swag (t-shirts, cap, tote bag—up to 3 items)
7.   Social media assets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc—up to5 platforms)
8.   Comprehensive logo guidelines 

How long will it take?

Brand strategy will take1-2 months
Identity design will take 1-2 months
Total 2-4 months

Are you interested?

If so, fill out the application form HERE


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